Safi Product

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Product Description

Safi Sarvi Potting Mix is simply the best. During manufacture raw materials are pyrolised to kill of weed seeds, pathogens and diseases. When using Safi Sarvi Potting Mix you need only pot, growing media and water as complete nutrition is supplied. This blend of ingredients will assist plant establishment and ensure vigorous growth, flowering and fruiting.



– Strengthens plant roots systems, balances the supply and demand of nutrients for plants to increase crop yields.

– Enhances diseases resistance, and improves the taste, appearance and shelf life of produce and crops, particularly of fruits and vegetables.



A premium pot mix to pot vegetables, herbs, potted colour, shrubs, trees, citrus and fruit trees, cactus and most natives. Use for houseplants, hanging baskets, patio tubs, outdoor potted plants and for repotting.


Application Rates

Add Safi Sarvi in the ratio of 1:2 to the growing media.


Safi Potting mix


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