Safi Sarvi Planting Fertilizer

Safi Sarvi(R) is our carbon-negative, locally-produced fertilizer blend increases a farmer’s yields while reducing soil acidity.

Our product has been shown to be suitable for a variety of agriculture and horticulture including: maize, rice, wheat, beans, peas, vegetables, fruits, flowers, and grasses.

The value to farmers whose soil is acidified is that they will see a liming effect from our fertilizer, restoring their soil pH while reducing plant toxicity. This promotes beneficial microbial life and improved nutrient and moisture retention in the soil. At the same price as conventional fertilizers, our product has delivered an improved yield of as high as 30% to farmers.

Safi Biochar (Acidic Soil Amender)

  • Boosts soil Fertility.
  • Prevents Soil Erosion.
  • Improves soil quality by raising Soil PH.
  • Traps moisture, attracting more beneficial fungi and microbes.
  • Improves water quality by retaining agrochemicals and metals.
  • Improves cation (position ion) exchange capacity.
  • Helps the soil hold nutrients.

Safi Sarvi Topper Fertilizer

SAFI Sarvi Topper fertilizers are biochar-based, fortified organic fertilizers made from the most nutritious plant residues for a slow steady release to improve your soil fertility for maximum yields for a lifetime.

Due to a good supply of Nitrogen, Safi Sarvi Topper is used as a top-dressing fertilizer.

Soil Foliar Fertilizer

Safi Foliar fertilizers is a well-balanced organic foliar fertilizer used to supply plants with
macronutrients and trace elements. The fertilizer is to be either drenched during planting or to be sprayed during the vegetative growth of the plant directly on the leaves.

With Safi Organic Foliar fertilizer you will see the following benefits;

  • It will kindle increased root development.
  •  Our Organic foliar ensures better and healthy crops.
  • Our foliar is fast acting hence solves any nutrient deficiency.
  • An efficient way to feed your crop on balanced nutrients.
  •  Safi Foliar fertilization contains an organic sticker and hence can’t be washed
  •  Foliar nutrition improves the quality and quantity of your yield.
  •  It is easy to apply hence saves time.
  • You’ll save money with foliar nutrition.

Why Safi Organic Fertilizer?

Most fertilizers today are produced in large-scale, centralized facilities and then imported to rural areas. Due to the logistical mark-up, rural farmers in emerging economies such as Africa and India often pay much more than the rest of the world for their fertilizers. This adds to the cost of food production for small-scale farmers, driving them into a vicious cycle of poverty.

We use technology to downsize and decentralize fertilizer production, making it feasible to implement on a village-level basis using locally available resources and labour. This reduces the logistical cost and produces a high-quality product that, at the same price as conventional fertilizers, can improve farmers’ yields by up to 30%. 

Are you a commercial farmer who is concerned about decreasing yields? Is your soil too acidic or are your plants regularly attacked by pests and diseases? If the answer to these questions is yes, then you have come to the right place. So how can we be of help? 

We introduced the Safi Sarvi organic fertilizer to help farmers like you who are stressed out about the decreasing productivity of their plants and high acidity levels of the soil. This fertilizer is made using state of the art technology and it is proven to increase yields by more than 30%. 

If you have acidic soils and are worried about the decreasing yield levels of your soil, then order a bag of Safi Sarvi. Safi Sarvi is suitable for use in farms that grow the following crops: 

  • Grains e.g. Maize, Wheat

  • Horticulture e.g Tomatoes, Vegetables

  • Floriculture e.g. Flowers

  • Legumes E.g Beans, Peas

  • Grasses

  • Trees e.g. Coffee trees and tree seedlings

  • Fruit trees e.g. Avocadoes and Citrus