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Our vision is to eradicate poverty among rural farmers by using technology to decentralize, manufacture and sell high yielding organic fertilizer. 
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Why Safi Organic Fertilizer?
Most fertilizers today are produced in large-scale, centralized facilities and then imported to rural areas. Due to the logistical mark-up, rural farmers in emerging economies such as Africa and India often pay much more than the rest of the world for their fertilizers. This adds to the cost of food production for small-scale farmers, driving them into a vicious cycle of poverty.We use technology to downsize and decentralize fertilizer production, making it feasible to implement on a village-level basis using locally available resources and labour. This reduces the logistical cost and produces a high-quality product that, at the same price as conventional fertilizers, can improve farmers’ yields by up to 30%. 


“Over the years, my tomato farming venture has been experiencing declining yields due to the high acidity levels of the soil. My fortunes changed when I bought Safi Sarvi and I realized an increased yield of 30% within the first harvesting season.”
Ruth Nduta 
Small scale organic farmer in Kiambu County   

“​I was almost giving up on my maize farming venture until I met Safi organics. They tested my 50 acres piece of land and the analysis showed that the soil was infected with bacteria which reduced yields. Through their Organic fertilizers and proper mitigation measures, my yields increased by 30%.”

A large Scale Tomatoes Farmer in Narok   

“​What can I say? Safi Sarvi fertilizer has doubled my yields within 12 months! As a Widow, I can now afford to take care of my family and take them to school. ”
A large scale Maize Farmer in Uasin Gishu County   



Our Services 

Are you a commercial farmer who is concerned about decreasing yields? Is your soil too acidic or are your plants regularly attacked by pests and diseases? If the answer to these questions is yes, then you have come to the right place. So how can we be of help?   

Safi Sarvi Organic Fertilizer 

We introduced the Safi Sarvi organic fertilizer to help farmers like you who are stressed out about the decreasing productivity of their plants and high acidity levels of the soil. This fertilizer is made using state of the art technology and it is proven to increase yields by more than 30%.  If you have acidic soils and are worried about the decreasing yield levels of your soil, then order a bag of Safi Sarvi. Safi Sarvi is suitable for use in farms that grow the following crops: 



Soil Testing  Services in Kenya 
If you are a serious farmer who is looking to increase his/her yields, then there should be no debate on whether you need a soil test done or not. A soil test is a sophisticated analysis of the soil to determine its chemical composition, PH levels, and whether or not it is prone to any diseases. Soil tests also enable the farmer to know the levels of potassium, phosphate, magnesium and other metals in the soil. In addition, a soil test can detect the presence of fungi and bacteria that can negatively affect your crops.  Soil tests are mandatory if you plan to make your farming venture a success. It is affordable and can save you hundreds of thousands of shillings in potential losses. To have a soil test done, give us a call and we will give you a free no obligatory quote. 


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5 Reasons to Use Organic Fertilizer 

What is Organic Fertilizer? 
This is a type of fertilizer that is made from either animal or plant matter. On the other hand, synthetic fertilizers are mined or manufactured through a chemical process. We all know that most chemicals are not environmentally friendly and it is for this reason we advise you stick to organic fertilizers.  So why should you switch from synthetic to organic manure? 

It Saves You Money 
When you shift from synthetic to organic farming, you will realize an overall cost in saving.  This is because organic nutrients are released into the ground at a much slower rate than synthetic ones. Also, keep in mind that many organic fertilizers add volume to the soil reducing the need for topsoiling. 

Organic fertilizers improve the soil structure 
Did you know that some industrial nitrogen fertilizers can cause soil acidification? Yes, too much of it will make your soil too acidic causing your plants to be unhealthy and reducing yields. In addition, too much nitrogen can cause soil and water pollution, killing marine life. 

It Makes the Environment Cleaner 
So how does organic manure make the environment cleaner? The answer is simple, a product of agricultural waste should belong in the garden and not a landfill. An example of a product that has been used to make the environment friendlier is wheat stray waste that we use to make our fertilizers. Other leftover products that can be used as manure include cottonseed, bone meal and mushroom compost. 

Organic Manure Minimizes Pollution
Industrial fertilizers are manufactured using energy-intensive methods that require large amounts of fossil fuel to process. Other industrial fertilizers such as phosphate are extracted from the soil using explosives that cause ecological damage and destruction. Finally, if you decide to go organic, you will benefit from higher yields, and you will worry less about consequences brought about by leaf burn such as low yields. Also, you will not be risking increasing the acidity levels of your soil because our fertilizer is a slow-release organic fertilizer.  

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