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Mary Agness Muthoni, Anastasia Farm, maragwa, Kenya

Mary Agness has always loved farming. It used to be a hobby until she spoke with her mom,
Anastasia, after whom her farm is named, about farming as a full-time profession. Born and raised in Maragwa, it remains home to her six-acre farm where she grows maize, sweet potatoes, beans, and herbs. Mary Agness laments that the COVID-19 pandemic has been difficult. She used to grow watermelons and tomatoes but the market for these crops dwindled and was not profitable. She decided to try herbs that are cheaper to grow and respond very well to organic fertilizer.

Mary Agness’ friend, from Thika town, introduced her to Safi Organics fertilizer and has used it ever since. She says that she appreciates that organic fertilizer is better for the earth and ultimately produces food that is better for our health. She notes that organic fertilizer doesn’t degrade the soil like most synthetic fertilizers which she says is especially important for soil water retention when the rain is short. The numbers tell the success story. Since using Safi Organic fertilizer her crops have a 27 percent higher yield. The increased revenue has been important to her and Anastasia Farm’s five employees during the tough times of the pandemic. Even through these challenging years, she plans to increase the number of employees, the farm helps support.

Mary says it best, “organic farming is affordable compared to synthetic farming and besides it has a long-term amending property for the soil reducing the use of additional topsoil on her farm by 40 percent with the benefits of high crop yields while getting chemical-free food”.

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