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Kelvin Kimani – Safi Employee

Kelvin grew up in a rural farming community at the foothills of Mount Kenya. Growing up he experienced first-hand how harvest after harvest and season after season the lands became less productive.

“During my college field days on the farms, I met Safi Organics. Their vision resonated with my dream of transforming lives through sustainable agriculture. I always felt that for most small-scale farmers the main obstacle to sustainable farming was a lack of access to information on farming and land management best practices. “I am now the Lead Agronomist at Safi” says Kelvin proudly.

One day I met, Milkah. When we met, she was experiencing losses in her swampy land. I quickly conducted a soil survey and a land evaluation to better understand the chemical compounds of her soil. Using Safi products, we were able to rectify the salinity issues. Milkah is now growing paddy rice. The success of farmers like Milkah fuels my desire to reach as many farmers as possible.”

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