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Cecilia Kogo, Kipchamo Farm, Eldoret, Kenya –

Cecilia Kogo is a farmer and a proud mother of four. It is a family affair at Kipchamo Farm that grows maize as well as raises poultry and dairy cows. The last few years have been very challenging for farmers but with the guidance on farming best practices offered by Safi Organics Cecilia believes there will be great strides made in local farming. Kipchamo Farm recently converted from synthetic to organic fertilizer. Cecilia tells us that synthetic fertilizer leaches into the soil which increases the acidity of the soil.

In just a few months, she has already seen the benefits of using organic fertilizer noting that it has been very good at enriching the soil that had been degraded due to the long use of synthetic fertilizer on the farm. “I am encouraged and very pleased to be an organic farmer”.

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