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Josephine Wawera – Kamuchega Village Mwea

Josephine Wawera- rice farmer in mwea

Farming is in Josephine Wawera’s blood. Today, she grows rice on her farm in Kamuchege
village in, Mwea irrigation scheme. Not only does her farm support her family and five
employees, but she is also proud that her farm and other micro farms contribute to the local
economy and that farming makes her community a better place.

Since using Safi Organics
fertilizer, she says that her harvested yields have increased by 20 per cent, revenue has
increased by twenty-five per cent and her cost of production has decreased. A win-win for
Josephine. She has never looked back, saying “when I realized that the synthetic fertilizer was
not working on my farm, I changed and have never been disappointed”.