You are currently viewing Jepkering Singoei – Kipchamo Farm, Eldoret

Jepkering Singoei – Kipchamo Farm, Eldoret

Jepkering Singoei is a very busy farmer, mother and grandmother. She often works alone on the farm but looks forward to the times when her grandchildren are at the farm and they work the fields together.

When she was young, farming was good. “While we waited for the rains to come, we planted our maize and beans. The harvests were bountiful, and pests were never seen on the farm. Over time, the farm became polluted with the use of synthetic fertilizer with harvest yields decreasing year over year.” Like some other micro-farmers, Jepkering was skeptical. “I am now a strong supporter of organic fertilizer. It is cheaper than synthetic fertilizer and now I look forward to harvesting my crops.”

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