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Constacia Wambui, Bangladesh Farm, Kimbimbi Kirinyaga, Kenya

Farming is all that Constacia Wambui has known. Constacia was born and raised in Kimbimbi Kirinyaga.
Farming is the main economic driver in her community. But it hasn’t been easy. There has been an
increase in soil-borne crop diseases and field pests which have added additional burdens. Not only is
Constacia a successful farmer; she is also a mom to a progressive and forward-thinking son, Jacinto
Wachira, who introduced her to Safi Organics fertilizer. Jacinto, had seen it being used and loved that it
was organic. Before starting to use Safi Organics fertilizer in 2017, Bangladesh Farm, had acidity issues
across the two-acre rice farm. Organic fertilizer fixed that problem. It also helped increase the rice yield
which raised the farm’s revenue by 60%. As a result, two more community members are now employed
by Bangladesh Farm. “Rice grown with organic fertilizer is more profitable due to its heavy weight
compared to rice grown with synthetic fertilizer. Rice farming with synthetic fertilizers is capital intensive
and does not guarantee high yields. With organic fertilizer, a farmer will notice a great positive change in
the harvest yield and soil health,” says Constacia.

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