Our Vision at Safi Organics

We use technology to downsize and decentralize fertilizer production, making it feasible to implement on a village-level basis using locally available resources and labour. This reduces the logistical cost and produces a high-quality product that, at the same price as conventional fertilizers, can improve farmers’ yields by up to 30%.

Most fertilizers today are produced in large-scale, centralized facilities and then imported to rural areas. Due to the logistical mark-up, rural farmers in emerging economies such as Africa and India often pay much more than the rest of the world for their fertilizers. This adds to the cost of food production for small-scale farmers, driving them into a vicious cycle of poverty. 

As a secondary environmental benefits, our carbon-rich fertilizer sequesters carbon into the soil for hundreds of years; at the same time, our conversion process also curbs the particulate emissions from traditional open-field crop residue burning by more than 95%.