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Safi Sarvi(R) increases a farmer’s yields while reducing soil acidity. Our product is suitable for a variety of agriculture and horticulture including: maize, rice, wheat, beans, peas, vegetables, fruits, flowers, and grasses.

The farmers will notice the following benefits to the crop:

-Grow more with less fertilizer by increasing nutrient holding

-Save water through better soil retention

-Reduce pollutants in run-off

-Improve soil aeration and structure

-Promote beneficial microbial life

-Maintain greener turf during drought irrigation

-Restore degraded/acidified soils

-Reduce mortality by having stronger transplants

As a secondary environmental benefit, our fertilizer actively sequesters carbon into the soil (~110 kg CO2e/acre), and curbs the farm waste disposal problem.

Application: Application rates vary from 300-1,500 kg per hectare, depending on soil type, crop type, fertilization, and climate.

In the long term (2-5 years), farmers will notice that their crop yield will increase as the acidity in their soil is counteracted by our fertilizer. This is expected to increase their income further.

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